Zen Ensuite,
Tommie Silver Award Winner 2018

We would like to thank our client who hired us to renovate her bathroom. We are grateful for the work and relationships that were built throughout the entirety of this project. Photo credit: Shawn Talbot Photography

Before & After


About This Project

This ensuite was designed around creating a calming yet luxurious space for our client to start and end each day. Our client envisioned a space that she could wind down in each evening, with a relaxing book and soak in the tub. We kept clean lines with a minimalist feel, and a quiet colour pallet to separate the rest of the home; giving the feeling of blissful escape from day-to-day chaos.

She was drawn to inspiration images that featured dark charcoal coloured tiles and marble accents. We were able to achieve a darker look in this space without it looking too heavy due to the natural light pouring in through the existing skylight above. A floating vanity was designed to keep with a modern feel. Two vertical accent tile stripes were designed to add interest, leading your eyes up and down the room, replicating a waterfall.

The existing space featured awkward angles that cut the room short. We discovered these walls were superficial, and hidden behind them were straight exterior walls that squared off the room. Knowing this, we were able to remove the angles and design a bigger bathroom that could withhold a separate custom walk in shower, something our client had only dreamed of. Since the new custom shower was to be installed along two exterior walls, we accommodated plumbing behind extra framing that was required to build the wall out and conceal.

Some of the finishes included porcelain marble on the floor tile, charcoal grey tile on the shower and tub walls, recycled glass accent tiles with grey and white marbled colours, chrome fixtures and accessories, and quartz countertops.



I am thrilled with the final result; It is exactly what I had envisioned. Creative Touch Interiors kept a close eye on progress and the installer was excellent, as was the plumber and painter. All the deficiencies were addressed and met Creative Touch Interiors high standards. Their choice of tile and fixtures was perfect and they took my rough plans and turned them into a luxury bathroom.

Name: Susan Miall

City: Kelowna, BC