Creative Touch Renovations Ltd.

What Sets Us Apart?

 At Creative Touch Renovations Ltd., we are known for our design plan process — the most important aspect of any home renovation.

Effective planning is key to a well-organized home renovation project. We believe a detailed renovation plan paves the way for successful execution of your project, and the quality of the design plan of a residential project can often be assessed based on whether or not the renovation meets the budget and timeline. During the execution process, our role as project manager includes taking careful consideration in hiring the right people for the job, and keeping records, financials, and timelines organized on behalf of the client. Communication with the client is ongoing, and we are open to the level of involvement in the project which suits the client’s preferences. 

Our Home Renovation Background

As the Senior Designer and Owner of Creative Touch Renovations Ltd., Paulette Facca has years of professional experience in renovations, backed by a lifetime of exposure to the thrills and challenges of the industry. Throughout her experience, Paulette has felt a connection to communicative aspect with the homeowner, capturing the unique vision of her client and guiding it towards a spacial reality (along with the help of talented contractors in her community!) By integrating a structured process and project management discipline, Paulette has achieved success in the design to execution sequence which is so desired for residential renovations. At Creative Touch Renovations, the process is streamlined from design plan to execution. Paulette is honoured to be the recipient of multiple of excellence through CHBA Okanagan Housing Awards and strives to build strong relationships in the community.

Meet Dan Schroeder

Site Supervisor/Contractor

Dan met Paulette in 2008 when she was looking for a flooring installer for one of her projects.  Since then, they’ve worked on countless renovation projects together. Paulette loves the quality and workmanship that Dan brings as the owner of Sole Dreams in Kelowna. Most of all, she cherishes Dan’s loyalty and support and is grateful that they continue to grow as a great team!

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Meet Keith Jerczynski

Site Supervisor/Contractor

As the owner of Sawyer Construction and with over 25 years of residential construction and renovation experience, Keith is what you would call a renovations expert. Paulette first met Keith while working on a tenant improvement project, transforming two small spaces into one beautiful sales and showroom space. Keith regards Paulette and her team as consummate professionals providing clear and concise drawings, renderings and spec packages as well as design consultation when needed on or off site.

What To Know Before Your Home Renovation

Start by determining a budget; this number will guide your decision making process and give you a sense of foundation throughout the project. As you consider your budget numbers, factor in the probability of disruptions. Anticipate issues throughout the renovation project and trust in your project manager to manage the details. The most significant component of any home renovation is designing and planning your project. If you have established a design plan, then you are on your way to a successful home renovation. With your budget and plan, you are in a positive position to begin your project.

Steps To Your Home Renovation

1. Design The Dream

If you don’t have a design, you don’t have a plan. At Creative Touch Renovations Ltd., we use design to guide thoughtful and carefully built plans for your home renovation. 

2. Establish A Budget & Build A Team

Calling on our trusted trades partners in the community, we assess and build the team for execution. The budget, timeline, and design are taken into account as part of our analytical selection process. We ensure that the right people are hired for your home renovation.  

3. Provide A Detailed Plan

After building the budget, we provide clients with a detailed report of their home renovation project.  We don’t move forward without a plan. Guiding our clients through the planning process is crucial.

4. Begin Renovations

During the execution process, everyone hired holds responsibility for the safety and cleanliness of the job site. The inclusion of a job site supervisor is assessed on a per-project basis, with job size taken into consideration. Cost and timeline are advocated for by the Creative Touch Renovations Ltd. project manager, who is the main point of contact for the many connections in the project timeline and budget.

Success Stories

Creative Touch Studio Reno Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellence 2021 GOLD

“It takes a team! We are grateful for the relationships nurtured throughout the entirety of this project, and for the quality work. Special thanks to Sole Dreams, Okanagan Ceiling Refinishers, Okanagan Hardwood Flooring, Okanagan Tile, Eternal Timber, Everwood Custom Woodworking, JLC Carpentry, Norelco Cabinets, Peak Painting, L.L. Applications, Creative Stone Solutions, Epic Electric, Designing with Light, A1 Choice Plumbing and Drain, Bricor Mechanical, Ace Plumbing, Baths By Design, Robinson Lighting, Rutland Glass, Movable Spaces, Sherwin Williams, ProSign, Source Office Furnishings, Muse and Merchant, Get Er Maid Cleaning, Trueline Moulding, and Euroclad Windows & Doors.” 


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Perseval & Young Cheesemongers Shop Design 2019

“Paulette at Creative Touch designed our newly opened cheese shop located in the north end of Kelowna. We have never opened a store before so we really needed someone to not only build out our vision for us, but also guide us through the process. We had a specific vision for the kind of shop we wanted and Paulette not only brought our vision to life but enhanced it in so many ways as well. She was so efficient, hands on and always there when we needed her to be. To say this was a stressful project for us is an understatement, and we would not have been able to get through it without Paulette’s guidance and support. Not only is Paulette an absolutely fantastic designer, she is also an incredible person to work with and has exceptional interpersonal skills which are needed when connecting with clients. We, at Perseval & Young Cheesemongers cannot thank Paulette enough for everything she did for us to make our dream a reality.” 

– Desiree Young and Phillip Perseval


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OHAE 2020 Gold Winner – Glenview Home Renovation

“This is what happens when you hire a professional, you get award winning design and project management. I am very happy with the all the work on the design and coordination of my renovation. Paulette understood my needs and wants, sometimes she had to say no from a cost effective perspective. Her professionalism, follow through, and communication were outstanding. She was quick to jump on the phone and make things happen. I couldn’t have done this without her. I knew I was in good hands with her or I should say my house was.”

– Reeny Chew


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Sunset Drive Condo Remodel Completion 2019

“Paulette is a gem to work with. Being out of country while this project could have been problematic BUT Paulette made it seem like we were right there with her. Constant and immediate communication sometimes on a daily basis. I’m sure we drove her nuts at times but always cheerful and many MANY times went over and above what you would expect an interior designer to do. I can’t thank her enough and the outcome was fantastic! Highly recommended. Also a fantastic new office space! Congrats Paulette.”

– Maria Hope and David Kaye


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OHAE 2019 Gold Winner – Kensington Full Home Renovation

“We recently chose Creative Touch Interiors to provide project management and design services for a fairly extensive home renovation. As the first part of the renovation was to be done prior to us arriving in Kelowna it was important things were timed just right. Creative Touch Interiors did a fantastic job at keeping on schedule throughout the project. Additionally, they ensured the work done by the contractors was as expected and met their design specifications. We are extremely happy with the results and would certainly recommend Creative Touch Interiors!”

– David & Jann Rivelis


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OHAE 2019 Gold Winner – Kensington Wine Lounge

“We recently chose Creative Touch to provide project management and design services for a fairly extensive home renovation. As the first part of the renovation was to be done prior to us arriving in Kelowna it was important things were timed just right. They did a fantastic job at keeping on schedule throughout the project. Additionally, they ensured the work done by the contractors was as expected and met their design specifications. We are extremely happy with the results and would certainly recommend Creative Touch Interiors!!”

– David and Jann Rivelis


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Tommie 2018 Silver Winner – Zen Ensuite

“I am thrilled with the final result; It is exactly what I had envisioned. Creative Touch Interiors kept a close eye on progress and the installer was excellent, as was the plumber and painter. All the deficiencies were addressed and met Creative Touch Interiors high standards. Their choice of tile and fixtures was perfect and they took my rough plans and turned them into a luxury bathroom.”

– Susan Miall


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Tommie 2017 Silver Winner – Heritage Home Kitchen

“Professionalisms and personable team. Paulette helped me throughout a very difficult remodel of my kitchen & bathroom. Very organized, and efficient. The scheduling of the tradespeople was little short of unbelievable. If there was ever an issue regarding one project overlapping and causing difficulties I didn’t know about it. Paulette smoothly re-scheduled to have the minimum of down time. Project was completed December 2015, as promised, in time for Christmas!!”


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Interior Design Kelowna | Creative Touch Interiors | Silver Finalist Tommie Award 2017
Mid-century condo - living room after | Creative Touch Kelowna Interior Design

Mid-Century Condo Re-Design Completion 2016

“I knew I wanted to update my home, but when I realized it was going to take a complete re-design I also knew that I needed some help. I had a few ideas about what I wanted but it was Creative Touch Interiors expertise in coming up with the plan and the specifics that really pulled it all together. I hardly said no to anything because everything they did was so fantastic! They did a phenomenal job of incorporating my mother’s furniture into the design as well as other pieces of my family history that were important to me. I very much appreciated their attention to detail and was really impressed by their excellent taste and judgement. Thank you Creative Touch Interiors for a great experience and an amazing end result, I truly love it.”

– Don Treadgold


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Tommie 2016 Silver Winner – Full Home Redesign

“Your superb choice of elegant furniture, unique paint colors, stylish accessories, and interesting artwork were brilliant. Your coordination and effort to bring it all together was exceptional. I was also impressed with your composure in dealing with difficult challenges and problems and coming up with expedient solutions. Through your professionalism, determination and quality of work, you have given me a home that is truly outstanding. Paulette, thanks to you and your trades’ team, you have made me one happy customer”

– Len


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Patio after! | Creative Touch Kelowna Interior Design

Lakeside Condo Completion 2014

“Paulette we want to thank you for your help with our renovation, we love it! We are extremely pleased with the results. You listened to our vision and came up with some wonderful ideas and products to make the vision a reality. You worked tirelessly to source the flooring we fell in love with, came up with a great idea for a feature wall in our dining room and you totally changed the feel of the living room with the great fireplace redesign. Your suggestions for the master bedroom made it a very calm serene room that totally suits the lake location. Your design work, ideas and suggestions on furniture options, flooring and paint colors made a dramatic change to our condo. You were always prompt and available for questions and that made it a pleasure to work with you…

– Karen and Bryan


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Custom Bathroom Design Completion 2011

“We approached Paulette to help us with our bedroom and master bathroom renovation because we had such great success working with her in the past and we fully trusted her. The result was fantastic, we have such a beautiful space that we enjoy every day. Paulette took us through the renovation process step by step and took the fear out of a major renovation. What we appreciated most about working with Paulette was her attention to detail. If any problems arose she dealt with them swiftly…

– Carmen and Gary McDonald


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Interior Design Kelowna - Creative Touch - Ensuite bathroom distressed wood treatment on vanity

Waterfront Penthouse Completion 2010

“Our company has used Paulette Facca on a variety of work projects and as with any major renovation project, there were significant challenges. However, we were most impressed with Paulette’s professional work that was completed on time and within budget. Without hesitation we recommend her service for any similar renovation and additional projects.

– Italo Sartorio


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Kitchen Suite Completion 2009

“Thank you so much for the amazing kitchen! You did such a good job and we have had tons of compliments on it.

– Timothy


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Interior Design Kelowna - Creative Touch - dining area after renovation